Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cold Embrace - Mini Yoke

Our awesome tracking system strikes again, as it reminded me to visit Cold Embrace. We found the cool Mini Yoke adorable - that is, I did.

It’s quite a clever design; I’m a little surprised I’ve never seen that exact same in real life.

The design is heavy metal; thick collar, thick shackles, thick hinges, big padlock, and a good battleship grey texture under the shine.

The pose is quite good, but doesn’t seem to have the highest priority; lelo’s AO occasionally wins.

It may be easy to say this after years of use, but it sure would be nice if the pose priority was a parameter instead of a set thing.

Don’t let your slave fall in the water with this one ;)

Back in chains for this one, so writing will be a bit slow tonight. *winks*

Nikala call this yoke a mini yoke but to me the cuffs and collar look massive, not a bad thing by the way.

The yoke comes with a body measurement list for a perfect fit, you also can adjust the yoke itself as its fully moddable.

Two warnings before you begin though, the yoke is no copy so better be careful and take your time you have 55 separate prims to move. *smiles*

The menu is along the lines of Marine's Real Restraints so very easy to master and offering you a wide range of RLV controls.

Fun little toy for the diehard bondage fan for that out of the ordinary look.

Name : Cold Embrace
Owner : Nikala Thespian

Price8 7
Service9 8
Store9 8

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