Monday, August 6, 2012

Hugo's Design - Nix

Some pale pastels from Hugo this week, this is Nix, a snapped latex and metal bodysuit.

That is, the metal is in clothing layers only. This might be the “most uncomfortable item to wear in RL” prize-winning outfit for 2012 ;)

The cleverness of the designs is apparent in the open versions, however. Pop the covers up top and below, and all is explained.

The snaps are reprised on the gloves and stockings but not on the back; just a zipper there.

The transluscent colors are quite pale, and may be a challenge to match - I didn’t have pale purple boots handy so I gave up and threw on black ankle boots.

An interesting outfit, unlike most Hugo designs we’ve seen. If you do something clever with it, send us a pic and we’ll publish it :)

Some sheer latex by Hugo tonight, as if his usual outfits don’t show enough skin already *winks*

You get 6 options with this outfit, open and closed bottom and for the top you get closed, open nipples and fully exposed breasts.

For a little bit of modesty you get pasties in 3 layers and as they are as sheer as the rest of the outfit, wearing them all gets you close to PG, but only close. *smiles*

The gloves in the bag are short, reaching just under the elbow and have the same poppers as the outfit.

The stockings have the same look as the gloves but have the normal length, sadly there isn’t the seam on the back i love, still the poppers give them an interesting look.

This is what Mistress calls a bedroom outfit and i can agree, you can do some fun role playing where some poppers are popped.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Price8 7

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