Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mesmerize Dungeon - Zero Suit and Prison Girl

I called Latexina to say hi and see how she was doing - last time we spoke, she mentioned new outfits coming up soon. My bad for not following up earlier.

That said, the outfits are really fun. I’m wearing the awesome Zero Suit, of Metroid: Zero Mission fame. You can read the details on the Metroid Wiki: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Zero_Suit

It’s incredibly detailed and authentic, down to the back-of-the-hand logos. The latex shine is quite convincing, and the black lower legs will make boot-matching easy for most of us.

There’s also a white and a transparent-latex version, sold separately.

Included in each is a full version and a catsuit version, ie no hands or feet. Full and catsuit are available with an entry zipper. Four tattoo versions for us lazies, and full clothes-layers versions.

A detailed and well-executed outfit, working well both as fetish and cosplay - get it and go win “best science-fiction outfit” at a club contest :)

I didn’t do it, really i didn’t... a fun prison suit by Mesmerize Dungeon tonight, never knew you had so many dress options in prison.

Prison girl comes with no less than 10 tattoo versions, 2 options for the top and for the bottom and long and short gloves and socks/stockings.

As you can see there are two colors black/white and black/grey, where the white one is more authentic, but i like the grey one better, but that’s just me i guess.

You also get a fun prim shirt and matching hat, i can’t help it i’m a sucker for those simple skirts.

So planning to open a female prison with lots of showers, Latexina has the uniforms you need. *winks*

Name : Mesmerize Dungeon
Owner : Latexina Pinklady

Price8 8

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