Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SSC - Gags

While I like the latest, greatest and shiniest as much as you do, some good designs are timeless.

We were shopping and saw a shoe gag, and lelo remembered she had one.. she rummaged a bit, and we realized she had a bunch, and they were quite good enough to share with you.

Shard is still around, and I was lucky enough to catch her online and chat a bit. She’s busy with life and things, so affiliate vendors are the last around, but there’s one at Little Shop of Kink - one is all you need, if you know where it is.

Good looking, simple designs, and quite inexpensive. What’s not to love? Ah, and don’t forget to drop by KCreations when you visit the Little Shop of Kink!

Ok these are oldies i had laying in the back of the closet for ever, but seeing some other shoe gags while shopping reminded me of them.

Quick search showed that they were still for sale and still amazingly cheap.

There are 7 versions of the gag: ring, ball, bit, wiffle, dildo and shoe in red and black.

The scripting is very basic, just lock, unlock and set owner, but then what more do they need. *winks*

So a great variety of gags for low, low prices, something that shouldn’t be missing from your inventory.

Name : SSC
Owner : Shard Soyinka


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