Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rosal - Viron-M Ballet Boots and Gloves

Love the beach, hate the sand? I have a suggestion! No, no, I kid; I just wanted to make sure I showed off the gorgeous Viron-M gloves and boots properly.

Note that they are sold separately; maybe a full kit of boots, gloves, corset and neck corset would be a thought? Let Tsarina know if you want it, I’m guessing she’ll put it together if there’s demand - she’s smart.

The version we have here is the fatpack; that means that the red, white and black “main part” colors are included, and accessible from a simple menu : /2boots or /2gloves gets you in.

The cool glowy sci-fi effects match the Viron corset and neck corset for a killer Tron look, but they look great by themselves too. The red is particularly striking.

I love the gloves, and while the Tron look isn’t something I’ll wear every day, I love the feeling of thickness to them, unlike the coat-of-paint clothes-layer gloves.

The tint-picker HUD works well, and the design is quite simple. Tip : pick white as base color, apply a tint, and you’ll end up with the most remarkable pastel SF wear ;)

Combined alphas are included in every permutation you’re likely to need; gloves and boots is the one I used here. If you want finer control, textures are included so you can pick manually from Appearance, Alphas.

Post number 1001 and what do we get? Ballet boots and in mesh, making them even better.

As you would expect from Tsarina, the sculpting is perfect and she spent way too much time on the little details. *smiles*

Ohh there also are new mesh gloves, Mistress told you about those, back to the ballets *winks*

The usual mesh fitting problems rear their ugly head, though for me the large is a perfect fit.

To help with the fitting Tsarina offers you demo’s to see if your body fits the gear, she also gives you body size suggestions.

The boots do run a bit low, i hope you run a viewer that offers you an avatar Z-adjust, so you can adjust that.

So add the corset, a catsuit, set your favorite colors and glow and you can play Barbarella.

Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint

Quality9 9
Service9 8

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