Monday, August 13, 2012

Today Is Our 1000th Post

Last September marked the blog’s third anniversary; this year, a month or so before our fourth year, we’re hitting a pretty awesome milestone: one thousand posts.

Oh, not all by us; we had help along the way, mostly from our pony correspondents.

Writing the post is not easy every day, but we still think it’s worth doing, and mostly it’s still fun.

In all this time, we’ve seen a lot of great clothes and toys and places, but more importantly, we met a lot of great people.

I couldn’t have done it without lelo’s constant support.

She’s my love, my confidante, my friend, and my rock of steadiness. And my rubber doll, magic pony, bondage bunny, second brain, marketing advisor, diplomatic consultant... *lelo blushes*

Here’s to a thousand more posts with you, sweetie :)

One thousand, can you imagine that, one thousand, i don’t think we ever thought we would hit numbers this high and still there it is... no not saying it again.

What started as a fun idea turned into a project, we agreed to make it a daily and even if we had some hard days we managed to keep to that promise.

The fame monster luckily didn’t get us, but it’s nice to get the occasional, “i love your blog” shouted across a room, or hear a designer tell us about the traffic we generate.

But mostly it’s a great way to spend our daily time together, the constant search for the next item, the next subject, the writing together, the people we meet...

Without your question: “isn’t there a blog where we can find what’s what in SL, fetish wise?” we wouldn’t be here, thank you for being here each and every night... love you..

And better book a room for the 2000th party Mistress *smiles*


  1. Congrats!

    It's quite an accomplishment, and it's great to see that both of you are so dedicated.

    See you at the party. :)

  2. Congratulations, 1000 posts old and still going strong.
    Happy milestone!