Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A.I. Toys - Sculpted Handcuff Jewelry

It took me a moment to remember how we got to A.I Toys, but with lelo’s help, I got it: about two weeks back, I got the idea to go peek around Think Kink’s new locations in little malls we don’t know. (An included notecard in a toy - hint hint, designers!)

First mall on the list was Dark Wishes, where we saw a vendor for A.I. Toys, which we followed to the main store.Well, Bare Rose it ain’t, but there’s still a few cool eclectic items in the store.

The little handcuff jewelry set really caught my eye, and before I could blink, lelo had bought it and offered it to me (it’s trans!).

Keen-eyed readers (and I mean stalker level, here) may have noticed that about the only piece of jewelry I wear aside from my wedding band is a necklace with tiny prim hearts.

So what am I wearing here? A necklace with tiny prim handcuffs :) It’s part of a very inexpensive set including handcuff earrings. I love it, and you can look forward to seeing it in future shoots when I forget to take it off ;)

A.I. Toys include a good sexy shape, a RLV tranq gun (I want a RL one!), and this hilarious sign post I couldn’t resist sharing with you, indicating in standard Vienna Convention design that high heel and corsets are mandatory.

Visit A.I. Toys and enjoy.

Woohoo, i finally managed to get Mistress to wear my cuffs!! *winks*

Ok, so they are jewelry but still it’s a first step.

Just kidding, gladly Mistress isn’t a switch as switches confuse the heck out of me, and i don’t have a dominant bone in my body.

Still, when i saw these i just had to buy them for her, thinking they would look great on her and boy was i right.

The prim work is amazing on these, and i hope she will make some matching real sized ones, would be great to have Domme and sub matching cuffs. *smiles*

Name : A.I. Toys
Owner : Amalia Illios


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