Thursday, September 6, 2012

Domina's Duo - Elegance and Seduisance Boots

A long-time reader tip (thank you Rubberdoll Magic!) led us to Domina’s Duo, and the two excellent designs we’re showing you tonight : the knee-high Elegance, and thigh-high Seduisance mesh boots.

These are original designs by Gina Lurra, not bought and painted sculpts - there’s nothing wrong with those, but we do love to see new creations.

I’m wearing the Elegance Rainbow here; they’re colorable to match any outfit which is giving you trouble (Hugo green and yellow come to mind).

There’s a good assortment of starting colors, and you can fine-tune them by brightness, tint and saturation.

Or, if you want something to do the job quickly, the included notecard suggests using a color picker and links to a pretty good free one

With this, you point to a spot on your outfit you want to match, and enter the red, green and blue values in the Color Pick HUD button, and presto - you have matching boots. Tip : use a pose stand to avoid moving, it'll make picking the right color easier.

The boot shape is terrific, and will be suitable for fashion outfits as well as fetish. The pointed toe is a shape I love, in particular.

Keep an eye on Domina’s Duo, this is a shop that’s going places. Watch out, Bax! :)

Another pair of good looking boots tonight, this time by a, for us, new designer team, Tawny Mirror and Gina Lurra.

The Seduisance boots i’m wearing are mesh as you might have guessed and come in 6 sizes, so they should fit most AV’s in SL.

The leather texture is amazing, as is the look of the zipper in the inside leg.

As usual the mesh works brilliant and the shape looks very realistic with all the natural looking folds.

I just wonder what she would make when she sets her mind to ballet boots, just a suggestion. *winks*

Name : Domina’s Duo
Owner : Tawny Mirror and Gina Lurra

Quality9 8
Price8 8
Service9 7

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