Friday, September 28, 2012

DEM Renamer

Chloe Constantine is the scripting half at Dark Elf Manufacture. She called me with a cool enough toy, but it’s a little borderline, fetish-wise, so I told her I’d mention it in the Friday post.

The DEM Renamer, then, is a titler, but mostly a renamer. Titler is the more visible aspect, if not the most exciting.

Still, you can have multi-line titles, set colors, and the evil mode lets people around the victim, er, wearer, set the title.

The renamer is the more active part, and requires RLV. Here’s a quick quote from the instruction card:
"At its simplest, it traps your speech and then emits it, but with your assigned name. Give control of the renamer to someone else and they can rename you at will. But, there's more; the renamer can be set to substitute your use of personal references "I, me, my, myself, mine" into your assigned name. It's also possible to add custom word substitutions. The wearer can be blocked from saying words of your choice."
So a fun, restrictive toy for the bondage bunny in your life who needs to feel a little extra control.

Drop by DEM, there’s usually someone around if you want a demo.

Have a great weekend :)

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