Monday, October 1, 2012

Hugo's Design - Oona

A stripey new number from Hugo’s Design with fewer O rings than usual, this is Oona.

It’s a big box of parts, as usual, but with fewer tattoo layer options than usual. I’m a big fan of the “every single part on one tattoo layer” time-savers, so I spotted their absence immediately. Ah well, maybe next outfit.

I’m wearing the bikini top here without the shawl and underbust girdle, and for once lelo has more kit on than I do ;)

The chaps look a lot like a garter belt and stockings, but call it what you like, it looks good.

There’s enough black on the colored outfits that simple black boots complement them well. And the all-black Oona looks pretty good too, although less contrasted.

Visit Hugo's store and bring a furry friend ;)

Seems Erik is slowing down a bit, i guess that pesky little thing called RL is taking up a bit of his time.

Still he managed to make this new outfit called Oona, which is.. hmm.. a Hugo outfit i guess, hard to describe this in any other way.

You get a lovely bikini, but also stockings, a shoulder shawl, pasties, a underbust girdle and chaps.

So something for everyone in the usual well defined skimpy Hugo styled textures and just so you can mix and match and make your own special outfit you get all possible layers, though like Mistress already pointed out, only 2 tattoo options this time..

It’s available in all Hugo colors, so go buy and combine with the other outfits of Hugo you already have, that’s the great thing about Hugo, they all match perfectly.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Price8 7

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