Monday, September 24, 2012

Harsh - Straitjacket

Dari fans, your patience has been rewarded. After long months of long days, Dari released her awesome straitjacket.

I was lucky enough to get a personal demonstration and I’m just mind-blown. The most important thing to understand is we can’t even scratch the surface of all the features, poses, color options and so on.

The straitjacket is an incredibly detailed piece of mesh art. The straps covering it add authenticity to the look and make every pose instantly clear to the eye.

The poses are carefully thought out, introducing struggles as typing anim and not interfering un-necessarily with AO’s. Want more poses? You can easily add your own.

There’s an Anim-Bot included with the straitjacket, a floating bit of cool s-f goodness that you’d buy separately from anyone else but which Dari just included. It’s a post, a following toy, and it’ll put the poses you drop in it into the SJ for you. (It plays a little tune when rezzed that I won't spoil!)

At the store, pick up demos to find the size that suits you best and buy that one; there's a fat-pack of all the sizes, but I'd say it's mostly useful if you have different shapes.

Phoenix viewer, that dear old clunky thing, doesn't support layering alphas; so here's a PNG you can save then upload to SL, and use to hide your upper body and hands.

Dari has a good bit of support and fitting requests on her hands right now; only natural on a big release like this. I'll suggest giving her a bit of time to breathe if you don't have urgent questions.

So pick one up for yourself and see what five months of hard creative work looks like ;)

Woohoo, Darien finally managed to convince herself that her straitjacket is good enough to sell, and believe me that’s not an easy thing for a perfectionist like her.

So what do we get after 5 months of hard work by Darien, an amazing looking piece of gear that will be a standard piece of every bondage bunnies wardrobe in no time.

As we both still use Phoenix we couldn’t use her new flex HUD and had to resort to the old blue window of options aka the menu.

This gives you access to no less than 14 arm poses, all with their own animations and the option to show or hide the hands in the jacket.

She also added 8 of the most common used BDSM poses for ease of use.

As you might expect you get all the usual locking, owner and leashing options you would expect from a toy like this.

You also get a HUD to change the texture, colors, shine, glow.. well mostly everything on the jacket so it matches your favorite outfit or the uniform colors of the hospital you are staying at.

For now there are 4 textures, from canvas to latex, but Darien has more planned.

So run and get yours today, i kid you not, this is a must have for every bondage bunny out there. Ohh and do try the latex texture with a low shine, it’s yummy. *winks*

See Aria’s review for another opinion :

Name : [H]arsh
Owner : Darien Caldwell

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 8

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