Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LieWen - Half 'n Half Catsuit

Hikari tipped us to a cool little mall called Friends of Rubber, and a peek around gave us a nice new store: Liewen, by Evelyn Stromfield.

We had a look inside, and found this neat and original multi-layer catsuit called Half ‘n Half.

Thanks to clever layering over a fishnet sleeveless suit, you get some fun one leg and one arm contrast. And pasties. ;)

That might be enough for many designers, but not for Evelyn! She also includes six different highlight colors on each catsuit color she sells.

Lady Gaga-style wedge ankle boots complete the outfit.

All included prims come with a resizer script - the maximum size on the boots is pretty spectacular.

We look forward to seeing more original designs at Liewen; we’ll keep you posted.

A new latex designer tonight, Evelyn Stromfield from LieWen has a few innovative catsuits in her shop including this Half 'n Half catsuit.

She makes great use of the clothes layers we get in SL and offers some fun color accents on the base color.

The undershirt layer is used for the pasties that makes this catsuit PGish, in line with last nights post you get more tape matching the accent colors.

Over that you can wear a fishnet catsuit which comes in black and white.

In the pants and jacket layer you get the catsuit and a choice of 6 accent colors.

You will also find color matched gloves, that end in prim belts and a pair of fun looking booties, which aren’t quite fetish but are great dancing shoes.

So get your favorite color and support a new designer, we do need more of those in SL.

Name : LieWen
Owner : Evelyn Stromfield

Price8 8
Service9 8

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