Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sassy - Discipline Dress

We hadn’t visited Sassy! in a few months, and guess was waiting for us right in the door?

A lovely new, shiny little black dress! Well, black or red or blue or pink or white or purple; this is the Discipline Dress, a new release by Sassy!

It’s so new it’s not on the store blog yet. In fact, peeking on said blog, I saw I had missed some mesh goodness - we need to visit Ivy's lovely store more often.

There may be some terribly clever way to wear the upper layers of clothing, like over a fishnet body suit or such, but the little dress stands alone so well that it doesn’t really require it.

I like the detailed shine, including the excellent skirt folds on the front of the prim skirt part.

Add some good heels and gloves if you want that extra fetishy touch, and dance the night away.

New bit of latex tonight in the form of a lovely little dress by Ivy Burner from Sassy!

In the lovely little bag you get all the layers you want except a tattoo layer, but practically you only need to wear two bits, so no biggy.

You also get the, in my book, mandatory prim skirt insert, that hides the Lindens skirt boeboe. *winks*

This is a short, short dress so better take care in the upcoming autumn weather you are sure to catch a cold in this one.

Still, great looking party dress in some bright colors and with a lovely shine, so how can you go wrong with this one.

Name : Sassy!
Owner : Ivy Burner

Price8 8
Store9 8

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