Monday, September 17, 2012

Rosal - Unmei Corset and Neck Corset

More gorgeous mesh goodness from Rosal tonight, this is the new Unmei line of corset and neck corset.

Rosal corsets are just a breeze to fit lately - the non-mesh lines required a bit of care to fit to the body.

Unmei (the name means Destiny) has Japanese elements: an obi bow at the rear, cool silk ropes and tassels, and a cool Kanji character on the front of the corset - the menu lets you pick, you’ll get to learn good Japanese words.

If you note that some of these things are missing on my pics, it’s because they’re hide-able and I did :)

I made the straps black to emphasize them, but that’s only a small sample of all the color options you have with this gorgeous item.

It will require a bit of thought to match Unmei to your wardrobe if you want all the cool extras, but if you simplify, it’ll jazz up a catsuit something remarkable :)

Tsarina has been busy again and seems she took some Japanese inspiration for this one.

The thing i love most about these new mesh corsets is the way you can finally walk, sit, live with a corset in SL.

There are quite a few ways you can personalize these corsets to you personal taste.

First you can hide the obi, character, straps, back plate and back tassels then there is the option to change the character on the front, there are 11 fitting options.

You get 7 preset color textures: white, black, red, turquoise, pink, purple and tan.

You can also use a color picker to adjust the colors of every separate part of the corset, but make a safety copy first in case you mess things up.

Tsarina was kind enough to add a box with all kinds of alpha combinations for us old timers who still live in V2 viewers.

You know the drill, run run buy buy... *winks*

Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint

Quality9 9
Service9 8

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