Friday, September 14, 2012

KDC Lorelei Hoods and Saint Torley Day

What would I do without Inara?

While I’m trying on sexy boots and sticking lelo in bondage hoods, she keeps an eye on the world and points out the important stuff I would miss.

Seriously, subscribe to her blog. I have her last 451 posts in my Thunderbird (best RSS reader ever!) and I would be a poorer leather goddess without them.

So what does she have to tell us about today? Why, the fifth annual feast of Saint Torley! It’s just two days from now, this Sunday. See the press release for details.

Like most residents I’m sure, Torley’s cheerful “Friendly Greetings!” accompanied the videos that taught lelo and me how to get our bearings, do cool stuff, and celebrate our creativity in Second Life.

It says the event is not endorsed by LL or Torley. I’m betting he’ll be too busy blushing furiously to endorse anything ;)

We nearly let the KDC transparent hoods go with the quickie mention you saw last Friday, but Kyrah called, and asked if we wanted to feature them.

The trouble for me was, I was concerned they might be seen as just another color of the same thing

I mentioned mesh colorable items like the cool Elegance boots as a coming thing - residents may not be mad about buying colors of an outfit if too many one-click-to-infinite-color items came out.

Kyrah listened closely. It’s gratifying to talk to someone who’s actually interested and not just looking to refute an argument. She pointed out an important difference between a tinted item and an original-color texture: the white highlights get tinted.

This makes a muted, much less interesting colored item. It’s fine for a quickie, color-coordination thing, but a good quality colored item will always look better. Even though the untrained eye may not consciously realize the difference, there will be the feeling that it’s “nicer” somehow.

So I agree with Kyrah: the Lorelei hoods are a different item, one that required a lot of work, and is worth sharing with you.

But since we ran the Lycia hoods barely three weeks back and already gave you a peek at Lorelei’s face last week, let's just say, it's out, it's cool, and it's worth seeing.

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