Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dare Designs - Looking for Strange

When I saw Looking for Strange by Dare Designs, I blurted out “Oh, that reminds me of DV8.” Yeah, I’m still working on the diplomacy thing ;)

Fortunately, Dare wasn’t offended. It turns out he worked with the DV8 designer, and they *are* closed, so no harm and no foul.

The (unrigged) mesh mask and boots are completely original creations, and the textures are hand-drawn. We approve!

The color versions (10 plus black) are neat, mostly avoiding the dreaded black on black. The multiple reflections are fun, suggesting rows of lights.. definitely an industrial setting.

Do use the resize script if you intend to restore the boots to their store-bought shape; they’re no copy, which makes manual fiddling less safe than when you can take a backup.

So get a gun and go hunt up mutants, or robots, or whatever post-apocalyptic baddie you like best - ooo, I know, zombies! Zombies are all the rage lately. Go shoot zombies! ;)

Back in latex tonight, this time a new offering from Dare Designs called Looking for Strange, well that can’t be hard in SL. *winks*

You get some clothing options with this one, starting with a bikini, then you can add a waist cincher, stockings, gloves, garters or pants. There are also a pair of long gloves included.

The mesh boots are part of the package and look good, but need a bit of adjustment to fit perfectly, but what’s new about that.

Finally there is a mesh mask that has the same simple resize script as the boots and if you are new to the blog, with simple we mean good. *smiles*

The thing i really like about this one is the color fade from red to black, very nicely done.

Name : Dare Designs
Owner : Dare Munro

Price8 8
Service9 8

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