Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kidnapped! - Maid Accessory Gags

Remember in August, when a shoe-gag in a store reminded lelo she had a good one in her inventory?

Well, the store where we saw the memory-jogging toy was Kidnapped!, and we return to it tonight to show you a great toolkit for the maid in your life: the Maid Accessory Gags.

Some are well-suited to static poses, maybe with a ton of bondage gear, or just an order to “stay still!”: the lamp gag and ashtray gag, say.

The others encourage a more active participation on your maid’s part, scrubbing, ironing and vacuuming.

These are simple but good-looking toys; I think we don’t really require mesh toilet brushes yet ;)

Visit Kidnapped!’s clean little skybox shop and stock up on the basics.

Guess who has been a bad girl, or was that a good girl, i always get those two confused in matters of bondage. *winks*

So it was time to slip into my favorite maids uniform by KDC and chase the dust bunnies around the house.

The kit comes with everything you might ever need so your favorite bondage maid can keep the house tidy.

The look of the gags is good and for me a perfect fit, there is no resizing menu but the gags are fully mod.

Scripting is simple but does everything you need from a toy like this, including a fun little struggle game to get you out of the gag.

There is the usual RLV support and for the lovers of open keys a ban list to fight off the “klickers”.

Anyway, if you like gags go visit Kidnapped!, i think they offer any kind of imaginable gags and a few unimaginable ones. *smiles*

Name : Kidnapped!
Owner : Quacken Nightfire

Price8 8

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