Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AtaMe - My Poison

When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.”
Bane, “The Dark Knight Rises”

What could be more natural than a gas mask with a tutu? ;) Fetish, like the heart, has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. This is My Poison, by AtaMe.

The latex clothes layer parts are good, with a simple understated shine.

The skirt is a clever assemblage of prims, making it a real tutu or petticoat skirt, if you like, and it really makes the outfit.

The gas mask is interesting, and totally optional, of course. Good resize script, and touch for breathing effects on or off.

If you prefer long gloves to short fingerless ones, there’s no lack of those out there; this may be a good time to go pick up Kcreations’ freebie basic catsuit.

Some lovely latex party wear from AtaMe tonight, though i guess a post apocalyptic party, judging by the gasmask.

As usual Milu keeps things simple, bottom, top, gloves, tutu dress and a gasmask, the last two as prims.

The little gasmask isn’t the fetish kind but more like something for SF roleplaying, enough of that going on in SL.

The dress just cries ballerina to me, just needs a pair of lovely pointe or ballet boots, if only i had some of those... oops *winks*

So whether you are looking for a nice party dress, want to protect your lungs in bad places or need a ballerina dress, it’s all here in one package.

Name : AtaMe
Owner : Milu Laval

Quality8 7

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