Thursday, November 22, 2012

GalsArt - Final Open Mouth Gag

Lelo was hanging out at Mesmerize Dungeon people-watching the other day and she spotted some bondage rope we hadn’t seen before.

A quick inspect pointed us to a store we didn’t know yet. It wasn't long before we visited and found some very good (and varied!) rope toys and a wide variety of other toys.

We chose the Final Open Mouth Gag because it’s leather, of course ;) And it does look very good, with detailed metal bits, stitching, chains.. high quality prim work.

One thing I particularly like about this gag is the “ss-plop!” sound it makes when you put it in or take it out - a nice touch.

There is a large cheapies table at GalsArt, with lots of 50L$ rope items - if you want to see the quality of Eiko’s work, that’s a good place to start.

Woohoo it took a bit of time but we found a new toymaker in SL, Eiko Heinkel with her GalsArt brand.

The mouth gag caught my eye, yes i’m that kind of girl, and we just had to feature it.

The design is simple, with a good leather texture, she made it greyish so you don’t suffer from what we call black on black.

As with the overall design, the scripting is kept simple, 9 options: deny chat, lock, unlock, loose, medium, tight (garble), deny IM chat, stoppered and unstoppered. Thats all and that’s all you’ll ever need.

Sadly there is no resize script, but the gag is fully editable, but be careful, you can’t make a backup copy.

When unstopped you can wear a alpha layer to hide your teeth, men will love you for using it when you have to give them a BJ. *winks*

Ohh, for the fans, she has a lucky chair or better poster in the back of the store and the times i looked it had a lovely harness ball gag in it.

Name : GalsArt
Owner : Eiko Heinkel


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