Thursday, November 8, 2012

Elixir - Scirocco Boots and Embrace and Renegade

We saw those neat boots at Elixir a while back, and there were cool new vests, too - boots and vests, one post, right? Ha! Our life should be so easy.

Khorus unexpectedly threw in a new item: boot extensions!

Suddenly, the already very cool Scirocco knee boots can be turned into even cooler thigh boots, with a clothes-layer stocking and prim-part boot top.

Not enough? There is also an ankle-high version of the boots included, so you can wear them with pants.

The boots are armored, and the textures are outstanding; leather or armor parts have different reflectivity, there are seams, folds, hard bits and soft bits.. this is very impressive work.

The boot extension complements the knee boot very well, despite the known difficulty of getting prim and clothes-layer textures to match.

The vest I’m wearing is in the same line, called simply Scirocco Vest Hextile, and since Khorus didn’t want us to model her boots without pants, I’m wearing the Renegade Riza Cheek Shorts.

As I was telling lelo, my vest you wear when you’re not worried about being shot in the chest, hers when you are ;)

Elixir is always good for some interesting themed clothing, and no exception with tonights gear, and gear it is as this seems to be military inspired.

Ok, a very sexy army would use this as a uniform, but he this is SL and SL has a good share of fetish wasteland playgrounds.

I’m wearing the Renegade Risa outfit with the Sirocco boots, the outfit comes with the cheek shorts, stockings, mesh gloves and a top that can be worn on and off the shoulder.

You also get a nice prim piece to make a realistic top that spans between your breasts.

In the final picture i’m wearing the Pilot Parka in Hextile, there is also a Ribbed version, the parka looks more like a armoured vest, but except for the strange name they do look very good. (Latex catsuit not included!)

One bit of warning: the parkas, unlike the boots and the vest, which are unrigged, are rigged mesh and come only in one size.

So, great looking gear to roam the post apocalyptic wastelands, or just look great on the dance floor. *winks*

Name : Elixir
Owner : Khorus Magne

Quality9 8
Price8 7
Service9 8
Store9 8

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