Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lapointe Bastchild - Mesh Leather Pants

I had an eye on these awesome leather pants for quite a while - another not-released-this-week outfit tonight, these are the S’Wear Mesh Leather Pants from Lapointe Bastchild.

The pants come in large to XXS sizes, plus a medium+ and small+, fairly unusual.

There are also three lengths : flats, long and regular, going from longest to shortest.

The textures are really great; I got the fatpack (which is good discount) to show you the quilted and ribbed versions.

The plain also has a good texture, which keeps its good look even from a distance, sometimes a problem with leather look in SL.

This is original mesh work, not a bought sculpt; the extra sizes and lengths tipped us to that, and it’s confirmed in the product literature.

The ankle zip is a nice touch, and also looks quite good. Great pants, great price.. definitely worth a visit to the store :)

Leather tonight so i’m sitting this one out, doesn’t mean i didn’t stick my rubber covered head into the box. *winks*

Don’t get scared there are 21 pants per style in the box, so 63 of them in the fat pack, that should fill your wardrobe to the max. *smiles*

You also get two versions of the alpha layer, with and without feet, just incase you want to go barefoot in your leathers.

Go get the free demo to figure out if these pants will fit you, but with 7 sizes that shouldn’t be a big problem.

So get on your bike and get some great looking leather pants to complete your leather goddess look.

Name : Lapointe Bastchild
Owner : Paul Lapointe; BastChild Lotus

Quality9 9
Price9 8
Store9 9

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  1. I got the demos with great anticipation as I love this style and it was lucky I did, because saying these are following standard sizing is very misleading.

    At least for the XXS size (which is the closest "standard" size I wear) this store does not come anywhere close to the standard sizing everyone else uses. The breasts (on the jacket) and bottom (on the pants) are totally oversize on the standard XXS body shape.

    Using the demo XXS mesh jacket and matching leather pants, I put on my "standard" XXS shape without alpha layer and increased a couple of sliders to see where they started to clip (to get a rough sizing).
    Instead of 32 the breasts are around 71 (Same as standard L!)
    Instead of 24 the bottom is about 52 (Around standard M!)

    Very disappointed because they have great texture work totally let down (for me) by the T&A dominated shapes. If that is what their customers are looking for then more power to them, but they are not standard sized and shouldn't be using that logo.