Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chey’s Spicy Outfits - Anastasia and Rachel

Not a new release tonight - we can’t spoil you guys *all* the time ;)

Anastasia and Rachel are cool outfits by Chey, but not new ones.

I’m wearing Anastasia, the cool latex-lace catsuit with semi-transparent corset.

Two sets of gloves and stockings are included: full coverage lace, shown here, or black latex gloves and stockings.

The catsuit has a full zipper from rear of the neck to crotch. It’s clever, and not something we see every day.

The corset is nicely detailed, with front clips and large, easy to see laces in the back.

Add some boots (and maybe a cool cape!) and you have a classy fetish outfit that will turn heads.

Straightforward little thing tonight, simple well designed latex outfits by Cheyenne from Chey’s Spicy Outfits.

Rachel is as basic as it get’s and should give you the base for many good latex outfit.

First there is the black corset with the red cups, which is laced up at the back and hs some lovely D-rings around the underside, ok so i’m a bondage bunny the loves her D-rings. *winks*

The long gloves are color matched with the corset but would pimp up loads of outfits.

Finally there is the pantyhose which comes in two feetless layers, i’m wearing both for some extra cover, and a separate foot so you can wear them as hose or legging.

The seam on the back is nice and thick and absolutely straight without any fuss. *smiles*

So take a look at Chey’s and pick up a great outfit that will find it’s way into many of your favorite creations.

Name : Chey's Spicy Outfits
Owner : Cheyenne Colasanti

Quality9 9

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