Thursday, November 15, 2012

Red Devil - Impressive Miss Risk

If you want a little burlesque shiny goodness in your life, Impressive Miss Risk is Red Devil’s latest release and a cool little number it is.

The tiny ruffles barely pass as a skirt, but they're meant to tease and titillate, and not actually cover much - it’s show business! ;)

Note the old-style garters holding up the stockings.. nice attention to details there. The little hat and cane just cry out for a dance number.

The outfit is an homage to Miss Risk, a Canadian burlesque performer.

Here’s a neat resume of her career, and here’s her own Web site :

Two Red’s in a row, this wasn’t planned but works out quite nicely. Tonight it’s Red Devil's turn, with a fun burlesque outfit.

Impressive Miss Risk comes in no less than 13 colors: red, baby blue, baby pink, black, blue, evergreen, gold, neon green, pink, purple, silver and teal.

You get a nice mix of cloth and prim parts, the outfit consists of a high cut two-tone body in every cloth layer and a pair of seamed stockings.

The prim parts give you ruffled sleeves and a ruffled, you can hardly call it a skirt, skirt. *winks*

You also will find a fun little hat, which will need a bit of tweaking to place on your hair, but hey what’s new, and a jeweled cane.

So when you find a place in a chorus line, Red Devil has your outfit, though it is also a fun party outfit.

Name : Red Devil
Owner : Dementia Razor

Price8 8
Service9 9

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