Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red’s Latex Fashion Store - Lady Sonja and Latexmaid

Another Hikari find tonight; don’t worry, she’ll stop as soon as we’ve seen every fetish store in SL ;)

Red’s Latex Fashion store is a clean, well laid-out store full of classic fetish outfits, two of which grabbed us pretty much on sight.

Lelo loved the Latexmaid, and I was drawn to Lady Sonja - there are a few versions, I’m wearing the White - Ruffles one.

The gauntlet cuffs totally make this outfit for me. Black high-waisted pants, a white blouse and gloves.. there’s no easy way to go more classic Domme than this.

Red has only been making and selling outfits for a few months, but already shows a great deal of promise.

The price makes the outfits very attractive for new residents or limited budgets.

Visit Red’s Latexfashion, and stock up on the basics :)

Another new designer joins our blog tonight, Red Domenitzo’s Latex Fashion Store or Red’s Latex Fashion Store.

I just can’t resist a good maid's outfit so i just had to get this one, you just have to love this french look with the ultra short skirt.

In the pack you’ll get 5 cloth items, including shiny stocking and gloves, and 5 prim items, puffy sleeves, neck ruffles and two skirts.

You get the skirt we show here or a slightly longer one with white petticoat, but without the apron.

So add a pair of sensible shoes and get to work... *winks*

Name : Red’s Latex Fashion Store
Owner : Red Domenitzo

Price8 8

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