Thursday, January 31, 2013

Graves - Order

My friends know I call lelo my magic pony because she has so many talents. Well tonight she’s a chauffeur, in a sharp Graves’ uniform called Order.

I think Jackie has this whole fetish/spy/sci-fi world in her head, and every couple of months, we meet one of the characters.

Order is suitable for a courier type: the briefcase is clearly full of scientific and military top secret.. well, secrets ;)

The shirt and tie are optional, and removing them changes the outfit quite drastically.

The cap’s shape is excellent, but the black-on-black makes it show as a lump from all but a very short distance.

Add some boots, a secret mission in enemy territory, and have fun :)

A lovely mesh driver's uniform tonight and i’m sure you already recognized the telltale Graves honeycomb texture.

In the folder you’ll get the blouse in all 3 layers and the panties in 2 layers. A pair of driving gloves complete the supplied cloth layer parts.

The prim parts give you two double arm straps, the collar and tie combo, a smart suitcase and the cap which can be expanded to house a family of 4. *winks*

Which brings us to the mesh dress, which comes in 5 sizes, i’m wearing the largest and had to make my breasts smaller, so better check the demos before you buy.

All in all another great looking bit of Graves kit. Anyone seen my limo, i’m sure i parked it here somewhere... *smiles*

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves

Quality9 9
Price9 8
Service9 9
Store9 8

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