Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Domina’s Duo - Captivance Ankle Boots

Some more mesh goodness, these are the Captivance ankle boots by Domina’s Duo.

The sole is a fashionable platform and wicked stiletto heel, colorable in a variety of good tints (including what I swear is Hugo green), and red, which is a texture rather than just a tint.

The ankle strap has a cute and very detailed handcuff (zoom right in to see the keyhole!) and twisted chain.

The resize script is a joy - old boots that used to fit like snowshoes are a thing of the past, but sure aren’t forgotten ;)

The leather texture of the boot is large, and visible from a good distance; but it’s fixed to black, so this is a black boot with color accents. Tawny is smart; if there’s demand, we’ll probably see colored versions.

Excellent boot, very good price. Definitely worth dropping by DD’s :)

Boots tonight, lovely mesh boots by Domina’s Duo, they are making the heels longer with each new model, so hopefully they will make ballets pretty soon. *winks, nudge nudge*

The boots have a simple menu that lets you: resize the boots, move them around, change the look of the platform and belt and control the sound level of the boots.

With the platform button you get a choice of red, hot pink, pink, black, white, brown, blue, violet and green.

You can also set extra brightness and shine, this gives a very slight effect, but that’s good as the boots stay looking “normal”.

Now ladies, you are just a few inches away from ballet boots, time's a wastin... *winks*

Name : Domina’s Duo
Owners : Tawny Mirror and Gina Lurra

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 7
Store9 7

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