Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Places - Domme a Domme

Domme a Domme is an old hangout; old is awesome in a world where the average run for a club is 3 months.

It’s busy, too. We saw a very respectable crowd the few times we dropped in, and we’re told it’s not unusual to see 50 visitors at the same time, giving Bondage Ranch a run for its money.

The better part of the crowd seemed to be regulars, which sounds like a good thing to me - you go back to a place you like, right?

D-a-D is a living room-styled club on the ground level, with a few toys here and there. Inara (and Frank Lloyd Wright!) fans will recognize the layout as inspired by Fallingwater

Here’s the intro from the group profile :

What makes a good dominant? It is my belief that the ones that are willing to experience the other side are more versatile in the way they apply BDSM. Every dominant has its own style, learning the nuances of these styles would be experiencing them.

So if you are a Domme/Mistress that is looking for something more intense, experiences, techniques or even stilling that need...

Then join us

Dommes, switches only no room for slaves and subs. Group tags are available on request. (topic tatoo's are there for you too)

Group owner : LeighRayne Ninetails


I’ll just add that the group costs 400L$ to join. I hope they mail you leather pants, at least ;)

PS : LeighRayne pointed out that it is not mandatory to join the group to play at D-a-D

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