Thursday, January 24, 2013

SeXy - Fiona and Madonna

A bit of fishnet goodness tonight, to thumb our noses at Old Man Winter. I’m wearing Fiona, and lelo is wearing Madonna, by Henri Ebbage’s SeXy shop.

Fiona is definitely a reminder of our very early days in SL, where I used to run around in very brief leather and bits of fishnet. I may never forgive the store that sold me the leather freebie set for 600L$ ;)

Fiona is pretty brief, but that’s supplemented by a bunch of fun prim collars and bracelets here and there. You rarely see upper thigh bracelets outside of Second Life, for example.

All prim accessories contain a resize script, which will remind you that it’s removable. Frequently ;)

There were old-style boots included, the same lelo is modeling, but I changed them for my dear old Deviant Design Bliss ankle boots. Bliss are a terrific example of a bought sculpt seriously enhanced by excellent texture work.

So if you’re feeling rebellious, want to attend a Sex Pistols SL band concert, or have conservative parents to shock, Fiona is for you :)

Madonna comes with 18 pieces in the box, not including the ML, note cards and picture of how the outfit will look once worn.

10 of the items are prim, the others are cloth, the prims include fun looking arm straps, cuffs and earrings.

There is also a fun pair of ankle boots, which are pretty good for prims, but by now these have been surpassed by all the mesh goodness in SL.

The underwear layers give you the fishnet base of the outfit, the upper layers give you back a bit of decency. *smiles*

This is a fun little clubbing outfit for a very reasonable price, just add a pair of boots and you can party away like it’s 1984. *winks*

Name : SeXy
Owner : Henri Ebbage


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