Friday, January 11, 2013

Tish Celt Free Pony Gear

Lelo caught this notice in the SL Ponygirls Club this week :
Tish Celt's pony boots, carts and pony tails are now available for free at a vendor stall at the FFF Tack Shop. Use the landmark below to get there or walk west into Oraenji from FFF

And I was sitting there when suddenly :
a small bird flitters in the room (or is that a bat? whatever) and lands on your shoulder, pecks your ear and whispers "something strange is happening over in Pirandello Bay" and then flutters off and will deny ever saying a word about anything.

Identity of the small bird hidden to protect our sources, or as Bart Simpson used to say “I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove a thing.” ;)

Have a great weekend,

Deirdre and lelo

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