Thursday, January 10, 2013

Graves - Elegance

We saw the Elegance dress go by some time back at Graves, and when I tried the demo, I had problems similar to the ones I described with DeVicious’s Dream Evil outfit a while back.

I must now admit, I was wrong, and Steph Catseye was patient enough to help me get things right.

Mesh as it is right now, is made for common body types. When Steph (and others, I’m pretty stubborn so I said no to many others before her) suggested I modify my shape, I was firm. Clothes fit *me*, *I* don’t fit clothes.

Well. There’s theory, and there’s practice. In practice, to be able to wear current-state-of-the-art mesh clothing, you (and I) may have to compromise a little bit.

The change is nearly undetectable, even to hordes of adoring fans who inspect my body every night here - lelo and I have the most thoroughly documented shapes and skins in Second Life, I dare say ;)

With this simple change (a nod to the mighty force of gravity), mesh tops fit me better, and I can now model Jackie’s gorgeous Elegance dress. Yay!

The texture is classic Graves sci-fi hex, which means I can leap out of my dress into a space-catsuit and still be coordinated.

I’ll just mention that this dress will require the most demurely feminine seated pose in your inventory: knees together, ankles together, and don’t fiddle or you’ll see mesh fold itself in the fourth dimension ;)

A lovely long mesh dress tonight by Jackie Graves.

In the box you will find the dress in 5 sizes and there are free demo’s available in the store so you can see if one of them will fit you.

All the buckles you see me wear are prim extras you can wear to personalize your dress.

Jacky also includes a fun little hat, earrings and collar in the package, as usual hair and hats have their own little issues in SL, but i still love the look of this one.

Finally there are a pair of matching opera gloves and a nice mesh top to hide a bit of skin.

Ohh and look at my ass in this dress, finally a dress that doesn’t make my ass look fat, as usual we have kept the best for last. *winks*

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves

Quality9 9
Service9 9
Store8 8

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