Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DeVicious - Poker Run 2013 and Strut

A new Poker Run version from DeVicious, with mesh leather pants - you know I couldn’t let that one go by without pouncing.

We showed you the original in August 2011 but I didn’t feel like dragging the motorcycle up into the studio this time ;)

The pants are low-rise and sport white tribal designs on the side. The jacket is a bit bulky, suiting a biker look perfectly, and is decorated with a cool playing-cards design.

The black with white parts is distinctive - I’m tempted to say rare. I saw a few North Beach Leather jackets with that kind of design, *ahem* years ago, but it’s just not something you see around very much.

There are cool transparent pumps included in the box, but I just think boots look better with leather pants. Pants and pumps are available in black, brown and red.

And duh, it just occurred to me to look it up; there is actually such a thing as a Poker Run :

Fetish AND educational content.. it doesn’t get better than this, kids :)

Did we ever tell you that Steph puts way too much stuff in her boxes? Well Strut proves that once more.

You get no less than 50 different textures for you dress and 5 color matched boots, how’s that for a great offer.

The dress comes in 5 different sizes and Steph includes a big breasted alpha, but i still had to let nature take it’s course and lower the girls. *winks*

You also get 5 HUDs for the texture selection, each with a different base color, black, blue, red and white, and 10 options for the side panels and sleeves.

She also includes boots that match the base colors of the dresses in 3 sizes.

Do are you one of those girls that doesn’t wear the same dress twice? Well with this one you can do a party a week for a year and still have spares. *smiles*

Name : DeVicious
Owner : Steph Catseye

Quality8 8
Service8 8
Store7 7

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