Thursday, February 7, 2013

Latexia - Opencollar and Freebies

A quick nip by Latexia revealed a nice new booth on the top floor - to be honest, it may have been there a few weeks, we haven’t visited in a while.

The booth says simply “Freebies!”, and sports a wall covered in OpenCollar goodies.

Nice enough, Deirdre, you might say, but is that really worth an entire post?

You know me better than that ;)

There are also four cool boxes, containing in full-perm version :

- All the K9 Creations puppy play items
- A RLV ponygirl kit (new to us, that is we haven’t reviewed it)
- The original SexGen base for making animated beds
- and the Dari’s Haus full box of scripted bondage toys

So if you want inexpensive toys to use as-is or fiddle with and make cool new things, I think you should visit Latexia.

OpenCollar has their own spot, the OC temple, at

It’s a popular place, so be patient when you visit, things take a while to appear.


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