Thursday, February 14, 2013

KDC - Allycat Latex Pants

Some more of teh shineh for you tonight, the lovely Allycat Latex riding pants.

Kyrah is better at documenting her work than many designers, so if you want to see the progression of the design, see her blog entries from January 9th to February 2nd.

Throw on some good boots and a smart jacket and you’re all set for an afternoon of pony training with these shiny new pants.

The pants were rendered with Kyrah’s 3D tools, then tweaked for highlights and occlusion, according to her blog. Probably exposed to kryptonite radiation and buffed with ArmorAll, too. ;)

Seriously, you'll notice the awesomely detailed creases and highlights.

Each color box comes in two versions, with a black (or white) complementary part.

I especially like the tattoo layer version, which doesn’t require two parts to wear.

Note that you’re getting pants and nothing else. A matching top may be coming but wasn’t announced - that’s just me speculating, here.

Some lovely latex riding pants from Kyrah tonight and as you might expect she spent way too much time on them... still it shows. *smiles*

Even if this is only a pair of pants you get 12 parts in the box, which give you two color options, in all possible layers, including the tattoo layer we love.

As the pants reach up to mid waist, which is normal for riding pants, part of them is in the top layer.

The pants come in all KDC colors and are combined with basic black or white as second color.

So planning a nice ride with your pony this spring, KDC has your new pants. *winks*

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 8

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