Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sophie’s Shop - Venus Corset 2

A striking long (long!) line corset, this is the Venus Corset 2, by Sophie Preiss. Venus de Milo = armless. No, I had never heard that one either.

That’s another MD discovery - the moans as the wearer faints are hard to miss ;)

We showed you a Sophie creation in 2011, the Pipe Stem corset so I’d say we were way overdue for another.

The Venus 2 is mesh, and encases the arms at the rear - it’s a kind of straitjacket corset dress.

The hobble skirt causes the victim, er wearer, to titter on tippy toes - very entertaining to watch.

This is sure to be a hit with dolls and bondage bunnies everywhere.

Guess who got lucky twice this week? Meeeee... *winks*

Another lovely restricting mesh outfit, though this time it doesn’t float, by Sophie Preiss. Be aware this outfit comes with a lot of options and i’m used to Hugo’s big big folders.

You get the corset, which you wear on your left shoulder, on your right shoulder you wear the control for the corset which comes with a trained and training version.

 With the training version you can lace the corset till you faint and yes you will faint... a lot.

The corset comes with a skirt in two lengths, which you can set in the menu.

 The menu also lets you set an owner, tighten and loosen the corset and turn of the sound and chat spam, please do that when you are in public places.

Then there are the add on parts, 2 collars, a hobble dress in 2 lengths with optional skirts and finally there are 4 skirts in the kit.

But that’s not enough for Sophie, she also includes a pair of ballets and ankle boots in the kit.

This is where most designers would stop, but Sophie adds a lovely catsuit that you can wear under your corset where it will never will be seen, or you can just wear it alone.

Last, but not least part of the package is a color adjust HUD which gives you the possibility to change colors on all parts of the combo by setting the RGB values.

So great looking bit of restricting wear, that will give you every opportunity to make your own special if restricted look. *smiles*  

Name : Sophie's Shop  
Owner : Sophie Preiss

Price8 8
Service8 8
Store7 7

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