Monday, February 18, 2013

Knoller Productions - Lauriee Latex Female Mask and Catsuit

We got a very polite call from Lauriee, telling us about the Knoller Productions Lauriee mask, and asking if we’d like to review it?

A quick peek at the vendor pic decided me. This is quite an original item, and I agreed immediately.

Latex doll masks are about as old as latex :) There are entire web sites devoted to female masks in RL, some as crude as Hallowe’en masks, some so realistic they take you straight into uncanny valley

The Lauriee mask is more stylized, and definitely gives a retro fetish look to the wearer.

It’s fairly inexpensive alone, and even in a full kit (catsuit and all) it’s quite reasonable.

We’ve seen a lot of good latex, so we're a little biased. And while I wasn’t floored by the catsuit shine, it’s not that bad.

I’ll give a rating of 8 to the mask and 7 to the full kit. It’s unusual, but you’re smart, you know what I mean.

So get a couple of latex dolls with Lauriee masks, pose them artistically in your living room, and call it art deco ;) 

It has been a while, but we have new designer to add to our, slowly, growing list of designers.

Introducing Knoller Productions, by RenataKnoler, with her classic rubber masks.

In the full kit you get 13 items, the catsuit in all clothes layers and 6 tattoo layers, just the mask or the full outfit and a choice of 3 colors of lipstick.

The black version has the 3 lipstick colors, the white has two options and the other colors have just one color lipstick.

The catsuits have a dull shine to them and come with rather large zipper on the back and through the crotch. The part i really love is the classic look of the mask and the fact that it’s a tattoo so it still shows a part of your own face.

If you already have enough latex catsuits in you closet, is that possible?, you can also get just the mask itself.

As Renata only sells her bodybuilding shapes and skins at her in-world store, we’ll give you a marketplace link for a change.

Name : Knoller Productions
Owner : RenataKnoler Resident
The Market URL :


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