Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lady Anne’s Latex Emporium - Latex Mini

In a pretty remarkable change of direction from our last Lady Anne piece - the Yes Mistress III, you’ll recall - we have a cool little mesh party dress in shiny shiny latex :)

The Latex Mini has good shine and folds, just enough to make it interesting and not too much so that it would be overwhelmed.

Lelo has most of the details so I’ll mention Lady Anne’s new store, at Blaylock Island, an adult sim. She says it has “more potential for fun” ;)

It also has lucky boards and Midnight Mania items, if you think Anne’s prices aren’t low enough.

If you can’t quite get the dress to fit your shape, there are five standard-sized shapes available for free at the store. Maybe examine the sliders if you don’t want to give up your own face ;)

Seems we have another designer finding out how to make mesh clothing, it’s Anne from Lady Anne’s.

Her first product, or at least the first she showed us, is a little black, red, pink, blue dress.

The design is simple and as a regular reader you know that means good, i’m a sucker for floaty little dresses like this.

Only real downside it that the skirt doesn’t flow in the wind while you walk along, so you just stare at the moving of your hiney. *winks*

The dress comes in 5 sizes that should fit most people in SL, as usual i had to slip into my mesh fitting AV and let gravity pull the girls down into the dress.

A fun must have party dress and if this is a first attempt at mesh i can’t wait for her next project... ballets maybe... *smiles*

Name : Lady Anne's Latex Emporium
Owner : Anne Chaminade Royce-Harker
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Falls/107/154/103

Price9 9
Service8 7
Store8 7

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