Monday, February 25, 2013

Places - Stones N Rubber

When we visited the Stones N Rubber mall last week, we noticed how busy the place was.

Not that statues move around that much - I mean how jam-packed every meter of the sim was.

So we called Sinha Hynes and suggested we feature it in a Places post. Could she write us a few lines about the history and so on?

She dived into the project and sent us a very detailed document. I’ve mercilessly chopped it, as we write fairly brief posts to avoid tl:dr syndrome, but I’m sure if you want more details, she’ll be happy to provide them.

Stones N Rubber, then, started in February 2009, making it a venerable fetish project by SL standards. SNR changed locations a few times until a year and a half ago when they acquired their current sim.

The three owners, who have been there right from the start, are Sveta Takaaki, Janina Martinek and Sinha Hynes. (That’s also remarkable - falling-outs between partners are a common cause of sim / project death.)

You can see a gallery of pictures from 2009 to 2011 here:

Stones N Rubber has always been about statues, including dolls, mermaids, sphinx girls and more; and when rubber ponies starting becoming a thing (ha! I’ve had one for ages!) they expanded their stable and created a rubber mares group.

The rules are fairly strict; statues are expected to put in serious time and devotion.

I’ll finish on a quote from Sinha :

“Those who have not yet heard of Stones N Rubber are missing something if they like strictness, RLV control and transformation.”


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