Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stilecht The Latex Factory - Soni Boots and Obsession Dress

We got a nice call from a new designer, asking if we’d like to feature her. That guarantees a visit and a look, at the very least.

Lusie’s store has a lot of room on the walls; I hope she’ll keep creating, because what we see is pretty promising.

We picked out a few things we liked, to show you: the Obsession dress and Soni boots.

Obsession is a simple, clothes layer dress in short and underpants layer - no multiple version, and none really needed. It has built-in underwear, so to speak. Available colors are black, pink, red, (dark) green,  (light) mint, blue and orange.

The Soni boots have an excellent shape, I like them a lot. The colored side panels (except for black) have a 1900 bootie look, cool and original. The heel is silver and shiny, contrasting with the boot.

A nice new store we’re happy to add to our list. Drop in and help support new creators :)

Yes for those who were worried that Mistress wasn’t in any of last weeks pictures, she’s still here, just a bit camera shy last week. *winks*

A new designer tonight, which, when you look around her store, has a steep learning curve and some original thinking.

The Obsession dress is a simple two part number, no mesh, no prim, somehow refreshing, the cut outs with the smoky latex look is what caught our eye.

The boots are sculpts and really meet my taste with the lovely stiletto heels and the hidden platform.

Keep an eye on Lusie, looks like she will be going places, we’ll be... *smiles*

Name : Stilecht The Latex Factory
Owner : Lusie Apfelbaum
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20WEST/218/166/25


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