Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sunshine Technology - Leather Mittens

Sometimes we send Aria designers, sometimes she sends them to us :)

EmmaSunshine, of Sunshine Technology, gave me a call and showed me her nice mittens, and we agreed to feature them.

One very cool thing about them is this: Emma followed Aria’s suggestions and improved the mittens, fixed a few bugs, and included a change log file in the new box.

If you get the mittens now, you’re getting version 1.2.0, which contains update options: you rez an update object while wearing the mittens, and they will get updated - scripts, not size, very smart!

If you got a previous version, Emma will send you the updater soon.

Great textures, nice prim details - gotta love the little working lock - this is a handsome bit of bondage gear, and the price seems really low to me for the quality.

This is the third new designer this week, seems SL is picking up again.

Tonight a pair of good-looking leather mittens by EmmaSunshine from Sunshine Technology.

First thing you notice with these mittens is the great leather texture, the second thing that sticks out is the company name on the top of the mittens. *winks*

The mittens come with a time lock or standard lock, when you lock yourself in you’ll have to beg someone else to release you.

You can also set the color of the mittens, there are 3 presets, black/red. red/black and pink/black, but you can also color the mittens yourself, down to the RGB settings.

Finally there is the option to set the shine on your gloves, making them look more like latex than leather.

Fun bit of kit which can be adjusted to fit any kind of outfit color wise, so add to your favorite outfit and lock yourself in... have fun...

Name : Sunshine Technology
Owner : EmmaSunshine


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