Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bubble Plaything

Tonight’s outfit is unusual in a few ways. First, the design itself is pretty wild; you don’t see that much inflation bondage gear, in SL or RL for that matter.

Second, it’s not part of a store’s line of products. It was imagined by our new friend Transann (who you’ll remember from the Ballooned Girl Avatar). She got it built by one person, and scripted by another.

So we give full credits at the end of the post, but there is no store name; it’s available for sale at Stones n’ Rubber, in a box in the mall.

Bubble Plaything, then, is the result of this cool cooperation.

The shape suggests that the arms are bent inside, as in a straitjacket or our other recent feature, the Venus corset.

This is an everything-supplied outfit, including the pointe shoes.

I snapped the pictures from the side so you’d have a better idea of the shape, but just to clear things up unnecessarily, the first pic, in pink, is the front.

There you go: another cool, unusual, totally out there fetish design. Tomorrow I’ll cover some nice leather gloves or something ;)

A great bit of cooperation tonight, 4 residents combining their specialties to make a fun bondage toy.

First thing first, this thing is for the serious bondage bunnies, when you are locked in for the first time, you will be for 96 hours, the “training” period.

We are talking 96 online hours during which the suit stays lock and if you didn’t uncheck the IM button you will have some explaining to do to your friends.

During training and also after training you will be leashable if the suit is set to public use, and once every hour you can be blinded and made deaf, though luckily both effects wear off after a few minutes.

After the training time the suit will give you a few extra options, mainly the coloring options.

There is a all button or you can color all the separate parts of the suit, making your own special look.

There are more than 70 colors to choose from, so happy painting, the hood can be set to transparent to show your head, but this does mean a bit of shape thinkering to make it work.

All in all a fun toy, just be aware of the 96 training time, or buy it because of it. *winks*

Idea: Transann Resident
Mesh: Ada Halsley
Shape & Alpha: Vobe Bloch
Scripts & Manual: Sinha Hynes


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