Monday, March 18, 2013

Chey's Spicy Outfits - Kendra and Laurie LX Sets

Cheyenne Colasanti called us with a couple of new things in her life: the two outfits we’re showing you are new releases, hot off the press.

The other new thing is a complete rebuild of her store. We dropped by and she gave us a tour of the new building - a lot of work went into it, and it looks great!

Chey’s friend Benz Infinity helped creating it, and I like the way she thinks. Drop by, it’s definitely worth a look. Don’t miss the discount basement and sub-basement RLV playroom!

Tonight I’m wearing Kendra, the first new release (why first? um, cause I’m wearing it, ok?) at the new store.

It’s a versatile latex pants and jacket set, with pants in high waist version (requiring pants and shirt layer), and short waist with and without zipper.

The top is a great zippered jacket covering a transparent bra. Long latex gloves are included, as you can see in the second pic.

The pants feature detailed seams in front and back, and a two-color scheme reminiscent of riding pants. The red of the pants matches Bax’s Venetian red perfectly.

Smart outfit, very fair price. You can’t go wrong with Chey’s :)

Some lovely latex tonight by Cheyenne from Chey’s Spicy Outfits and as said they are spicy indeed.

I’m wearing Laurie, which, just like the Kendra, comes in a LX set, meaning you get quite a few mix and match options.

Laurie comes with 8 clothes parts in the outfit and offers you everything from tattoo layer pasties to an almost full catsuit.

You get stockings and gloves, a long sleeved and a halter top, shorts and shorts with straps connecting to the stockings.

Finally there is a lovely corset, which has a see-through bra, hence the pasties and needs the shorts so you won’t get arrested in the PG areas of SL. *winks*

Lovely stuff at low prices, what else do you need? and if you don’t get this, you might want to spend a few nights in Cheyennes padded cell in the basement.

Name : Chey's Spicy Outfits
Owner : Cheyenne Colasanti

Price8 8
Service9 7

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