Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Graves - Impression and Connect

Another Hikari post - if you think we’re courting the furry readership, you’re not entirely wrong :)

Hik swung by Graves, and was taken by the Connect outfit. She showed me what she guessed was the inspiration, an outfit in the Ghost in the Shell tv series, and I had to admit it was pretty similar.

I’m wearing the Impression dress, and it looks pretty darn good. Throwing on the tattoo layer takes care of 90% of the outfit, short gloves included.

The long gloves don’t quite match up with the short ones (must be a tricky tattoo thing) so if you want to wear them you’ll need to use one of the numerous other layers for the dress.

Prim collar, arm straps, stocking clips and earrings (not worn) add solidity to the clothes-layer dress - Jackie correctly points out that it fits a lot better than mesh ;)

There is mesh in the outfit, though : the dress prim part. Rigged mesh is smart for that tricky location, if one of the sizes fits you well.

A good looking dress that will turn heads on every fetish space station you visit ;)

Not one but two new outfits by Jackie Graves tonight, and guess who didn’t get to wear one. *winks*

Hikari is wearing Connect, which offers you a mesh leather jacket in 5 sizes, free demo’s are available at the store.

You also get the bodysuit, gloves, socks, prim buckles and pockets, a barcode tattoo and a fun looking necklace. Jackie loves to accessoires.

Mistress is wearing the Impression dress, jackies twist on the little black dress, featuring her trademark honeycomb texture.

Once again the box is full of all kinds of extra’s like long and short gloves, socks with clips, sculpted collar, cuffs and earrings, all matching the dress.

The smart thing here is the cloth dress combined with a mesh skirt panel, that’s a first.. for me at least. *smiles*

And for you big breasted girls, Lolas: Tango appliers sold separately.

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oxymoron/54/113/31

Quality9 9

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