Friday, March 1, 2013

KDC - Mannequins

Kyrah made a cool set of mannequins - not the doll kind, sadly ;) - this is news mostly of interest for designers.

I’ll be lazy and paste her notice here ;)

The clothing dummies are out, includes black and white fullperm “undercoat” textures.

2 Fullbody mannequins (for full outfits)
2 Lower body mannequins (pants, pantyhose, etc…)
1 Bust mannequin (shirts, bras, etc…)
All the mannequins are also available in a “dual layer” version, so you don’t have to make special textures for them if you don’t want to and can use your clothing textures as is. Also, the mannequins use the SL texture patterns of course.

She calls them dummies ;)

Drop by and have a look, and have a great weekend!

Deirdre and lelo


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