Thursday, February 28, 2013

Latex Web Inc. - Butterfly Catsuit

A very cool outfit from Latex Web, the Butterfly catsuit is based on character outfits in Collar6, the long-running BDSM Web comic strip by Steven Wallace.

You can see a good example of the outfit on this page :

Mariko Demonia, of Latex Web, got in touch with the artist, Steven Wallace, and made arrangements to produce the outfit, so this is a licensed item and the gods of intellectual property are pleased. ;)

It sells for peanuts, considering the excellent work; and the included mesh thigh boots don’t hurt anything, either.

So you get the catsuit in tattoo layer, some black stockings if you don’t want heels, and the mesh boots in L, M, S and XS sizes - I’m wearing the Small.

So if you like yellow, or you’re a fan of the strip, go pick up the Butterfly suit - heck, get it for the boots, the price is that good.

We visited the ever changing world that is called Latex Web and found to our surprise that it had changed once again. *winks*

Mistress eye got caught by the Butterfly Catsuit based on the Collar6 web comic.

What caught my eye were the boots and more important the price she is asking for the outfit.

The catsuit stands out nicely, you won’t have to worry getting run over in it, but for me the real highlight are the boots.

The boots come in 4 sizes and should fit most AV’s, the look of them is amazing, someone has been watching the fashion channels.

She is giving those mesh boots away, that’s the only way to put it, so better get this one before she realises it. *smiles*

Name : Latex Web Inc.
Owner : Mariko Demonia

Quality8 8
Price8 9
Service8 8
Store9 8

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