Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rosal - Tueur 2 Mesh

A gorgeous new corset and accessories from Tsarina Mint, this is the mesh re-release of her Tueur line, called Tueur2.

This wasn’t a copy-paste job; Tsarina told me how long the redesign took, because of new features like the frills and such. Even the heel click sound was work; its tempo is adjustable, all the way up to running speed!

You may notice that I’m wearing the medium-sized boots. The small should fit me but didn’t, quite.

Tsarina was kind enough to visit - and we had an awesome chat that may result in cool new things coming from Rosal! - and she pointed out that if I reduced leg muscle a bit, the boots would fit better.

She also explained that the rear top gap let the boots look better with most walking anims. All cool info you can’t get anywhere except from the designer; I had to assure her that this was not dry and boring, au contraire.

Lelo wore every option that could be turned on, and I turned them all off; you’ll note frills, back-of-the-hand crosses, and side straps on her but not on me.

And as usual, I feel dressed up enough in my Rosal kit that I just threw on a latex bikini and called it an outfit.

Note that a discounted bundle containing ALL the items in the set (either single-color or fatpack) is available for the first time.

Drop by Rosal and get your fetish mesh fix of the week.. then tune in again with us for more.. mwa-ha-ha-ah!! ;)

Tsarina did what we hope all designers in SL are doing at this moment, she went back to her prim best sellers and made them all meshy.

Tueur has been around for awhile, but she redid it in full mesh and it looks great and fits great as well, ok you’ll need to wear your mesh compatible avatar, but that’s a small price to pay.

Tsarina includes a good list with size suggestions for the different sizes she includes in the kit.

Color can be edited with the built in menu which gives you 7 main colors (color textures) or you can change the tint of the separate parts with the included HUD, as i did with the red glow on my version.

Next to the alphas for all the parts, Tsarina is so kind to include the combined alphas for all her gear, don’t you just love it when designers do the work for you.

So if you were already loving her corsets but never got around to fitting them perfectly, go Mesh you won’t regret it. *winks*
Name : Rosal
Owner : Tsarina Mint

Quality9 9
Service9 8

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