Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hybridz - Little Mai

The Little Mai bitch suit by Hybridz is as restrictive a bit of gear as I’ve seen in a good while in SL.

We featured the Hybridz Spotted Fur suit in 2011, so I think we won’t be accused of being too repetitive if we run another one two years later ;)

Little Mai is named after our friend Mariko Demonia, of Darkadia and Latex Web. The hairpins are a dead giveaway if the strict rubber bondage wasn’t enough to tip you off.

This is a full avatar, including a shape, but you’ll want to hang on to your skin as there isn’t one included. No biggie, who doesn’t have a skin, right?

The details on Little Mai are really fun. Handles, plugs, blow-up valves.. someone had fun creating this toy :)

A long detailed note is included, explaining every script and moving part.

Just because I spoil you with every post in here, here’s a ton of bitch suit art - not safe for work, as the astute reader will have readily guessed ;)

It was high time we showed you another extreme rubber production by Fyre from Hybridz.

Ok, it’s a bit extreme, but isn’t SL the place for extremes? And one thing is for sure, wearing this will turn some heads.

In the box you will find 9 prim parts, a tattoo layer hood, a alpha to hide you body and finally a shape for ease of fitting.

I usually want to stay lelo, but in this case i made an exception, it’s pretty extreme as it is.

Clicking on any part of the AV gives you access to a simple menu giving you control over the usual RLV restrictions, the owner settings and of course the all important lock. *smiles*

As you might expect the outfit has a leash option so you can take your vic.. eh.. loved one in tow.

There is also a black edition of Little Mai, which will be the more popular version for sure, but i’m a Barbie at heart. *winks*

Name : HybridZ
Owner : Fyre Furse & Natalie Serapis

Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 7

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  1. Love the reviews, ladies, and thanks for the links to pictures. They were... oh my. *fans self*