Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunshine Technology - Easter Basket Gag

Easter is not far off (Sunday March 31st!), and Sunshine Technology made a fun toy to celebrate the gagging of the Christians.. wait, that’s not right. The colored chickens of Spring? The first chocolate of the vernal equinox?

Well, whatever you celebrate, you can have fun doing it with the Easter Basket Gag.

Physically, the gag is a bit with a ball (oh yeah, thank you Deirdre, that clears everything up.)

That is, it’s a bit-gag (a stick) with a ball in the middle. The basket is attached to the ball, and contains lovely painted eggs that actually vanish one by one when you give them away.

If the thick pink leather bow and pink strap remind you of a certain Bunny Bondage Hood, I imagine that a) it’s not accidental and b) you spend as much time looking at bondage gear as I do ;)

Emma tells me the Basket Gag has the update system from the mittens in it too, so when a new version comes out people will be automatically notified.

Visit Sunshine’s cool little corner store and keep an eye on them.. I think this is an interesting upcoming designer.

Don’t you love it when designers come up with amazing original ideas and just launch them into the world?

This is the Easter Basket Gag from Sunshine Technology and it offers you an original twist on the age old Easter egg hunt.

This time the challenge is to give away eggs to get released from the gag and of course begging and pleading that goes with the request.

In the menu, before it is locked, you can set the colors of the different parts of the gag, except for the Easter eggs themself, but those are already colored for you.

All the usual locking options, including garbling levels are available in the menu.

So when you see a sub running around SL wearing this gag better think up some fun tasks in exchange for an egg or two. *smiles*

Name : Sunshine Technology
Owner : EmmaSunshine

Quality8 8
Service8 7
Store7 7

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