Wednesday, March 6, 2013

VvB - Grayce Shoes V4L

We hadn’t visited VvB in a while, and lelo spotted the Grayce shoes immediately. High-heeled shoes are more her thing, and I prefer my boots.

The Grayce are good-looking shoes, sporting some typical VvB details like ankle-strap buckles and metal tips.

But the remarkable aspect is the triple strap at ankle and foot, coming to a point in a RL-defying (and wicked cool!) shape :)

The price is really low for such an original shoe. I hate to think of the amount of work that went into bending those straps.

As a reminder, the menu has RGB input, so if you have an eye-dropper of some sort and can snap your skin, you can match the shoes’ foot pretty easily.

Drop by VvB at the new Latex Station location, and pick up some unique shoes :)

Some lovely shoes tonight, from the latest V4L series, V4 meaning they feature Viktoria's latest shoe shapes.

The L means they come with a latex texture on the shoes and 4 latex textures for the stockings.

It has been a while since we last featured VvB, and opening the HUD brought back pleasant memories.

Except for maybe the size, it’s a pretty big HUD, the use comes fully natural to me.

All you would want to do to the shoes is controlled from the HUD, size, skin color, show hide ankle straps, show hide stockings and change stockings texture and color.

So in need of a pair of lovely shoes with fetish heels that won’t scare the vanilla crowd, VvB is your store.

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg

Quality9 9
Price9 9
Service9 8
Store8 8

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