Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ashleeK Designs - Medical Hood V1

I got yakking with my friend Tyra Sciarri at Mesmerize Dungeon - which by the way is still a good fetish hangout if you don’t mind the mostly German crowd.

I was saying how fetish folks don’t think twice about things that would send the non-kinky either running away or giggling and snorting; lelo’s permanent latex mask would have many screaming “gimp!” in reference to the Pulp Fiction character.

Well, Tyra mentioned that a friend of hers makes a nice mesh isolation hood, and we should have a peek.

We peeked, we liked, and so we present to you AshleeK’s Medical Hood V1. The V1 is important, as there’s currently a version 2 in the works.

Ashlee doesn’t have an in-world store, so we’ll point you to her Marketplace store. I still believe stores pay the tier that keeps the world alive, but I can’t fault someone who has a few items for putting them up for sale directly and saving rent.

The hood looks good, and the shine is cleverly used as trompe-l’oeil, fooling the eye into seeing more complex shaping than is actually there. The big straps are like the ones on similar RL hoods, thick and sturdy.

Make the restriction enthusiast in your life swoon (oh so quietly!) by giving them the marketplace link (the hood is no trans), and we’ll keep you informed of new developments.

First thing that caught my eye was off course the RL picture on the vendor, if that doesn’t make your blood rise you aren’t a bondage bunny. *smiles*

In the box you’ll find two items, the mesh mask and an alpha to make your head disappear, this could be used for a great halloween costume.

For now the mask comes with the open collar script, which is fine, and the mask will also accept the Slick! isolation hood script.

But we have been assured that there is a purpose made script in the works for this mask.

So looking for a mask that will cut you off from the world and make you anonymous to the world.. here it is.. *winks*

Name : ashleeK Designs
Owner : Ashlee Karlsbar
The Marketplace URL : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/101429?id=101429

Quality8 7
Price8 8
Service8 -
Store- -

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  1. You two should also check out her mesh latex hoods, very convient if you're tired of changing tattoo hoods for colors & it even locks! I just love mine, keep up the great work & i hope we meet IW sometime. *smiles*

    Eve Mannonen