Thursday, April 25, 2013

aYe - Sexcessible Latex Catsuit and SFX Ballgag

We got a call from Jenniferever Melody, a total sweetheart we first met in connection with Twisted Orchid.

Seems she has her own store, and she’s been making good fetish designs for three years. She asked if we’d like to have a little peek at her things. Does the bear s...nuggle in the woods? ;)

Lelo and I are wearing the newest catsuit by Jen, called Sexcessible for obvious reasons. And we’re not wearing the open versions for equally obvious reasons.

There are no less than 40 tops, bottoms and tattoo layer versions in the box; if you just go by weight, this outfit is a steal. Seriously, with hood and no hood, open or closed front, front bottom and rear bottom, all useful permutations are covered.

The latex is black with a dull shine, making it look a deeper black than others we’ve seen. I love the texture, and if I was going to live in latex instead of leather, I might wear this catsuit a lot of the time.

I'll add that a male version is available, and we're told it's quite popular; there's just not that much fetishwear being made for guys in SL.

The aYe store is a very clean two-story cube next to Twisted Orchid, simple and elegant. You’ll have no trouble finding things in there.

And of course once you’re dressed to impress, drop in at T.O. and have fun :)

Two items tonight, isn’t this special at times they just fall in our lap, other times we have to squeeze water out of rocks.

The first item is the catsuit, which offers you every layer you would ever want, including a long, long list of tattoo layers.

I just love the natural looking, dull rubber shine, now all we’ll need is that the Lindens will give us smellovision

Second item tonight is the SFX Ballgag and yes SFX stands for sound effects, of which this gag has quite a few.

The gag comes with the good old Dari’s Haus script so no surprises there, the sound effects are something new though.

You get 3 gags, one with RLV, one with SFX and one with RLV and SFX, the sounds are lovely, if you like whimpering girls at your knees. *winks*

And in case you want to use the sound effects with another gag or toy, the good news is the sounds are included in a separate prim, but please use it in the privacy of your home.

Name : aYe
Owner : Jenniferever Melody


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